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Adobe Systems Introduces Editorial Application Based on InDesign
Adobe InCopy Extends the Company’s Professional Publishing Platform

IFRA, Amsterdam, (October 11, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)--Adobe Systems Incorporated, today announced Adobe® InCopy™ 1.0, an editorial application built on the highly extensible architecture of Adobe InDesign®. InCopy is an efficient, easy-to-use editorial tool that’s designed specifically for writers, editors and copy-fitters. InCopy not only provides a simple way for editors to track changes, collaborate with designers, and fit copy easily, but also supports collaboration using WebDAV server technology. Use of WebDAV sets the stage for developers and system integrators to enable collaborative editorial workflows in Web-based environments. The announcement of Adobe InCopy exemplifies the company’s plans to extend its professional publishing platform, based on Adobe InDesign.

“Adobe is committed to the professional publishing market. By introducing InCopy, in conjunction with InDesign, we are providing a powerful tool for copy handling that creates a publishing solution for both designers and editors,” said Bruce Chizen, executive vice president, Adobe Systems Incorporated. “Our use of WebDAV demonstrates our belief that editorial systems will become more Web-based in the future and Adobe fully embraces the concept of an intranet-based workflow.”

A Powerful Editorial Tool
Adobe InCopy delivers a long-awaited combination of change-tracking tools that promote collaboration without enforcing a particular workflow. With InCopy, a user can develop a more efficient design and editorial process that produces extraordinary results. This leaves more time for writing copy and the editing process.

InCopy has a familiar, word-processing interface that allows writers and editors to begin work immediately within an application that is most effective for the task at hand. Writers can choose to work within a layout view or a galley view of their publication. The layout view displays text exactly as it will appear in print, while the galley view displays edits and editorial notes with the editor’s name attached. Additionally, InCopy provides an easy way for editors to track hyphenation and justification changes, as well as the movement of paragraphs.

Because InCopy shares the same text composition engine as InDesign, and is based on the same hyphenation and justification rules, it can provide virtually error-free copy fitting. Writers and editors can rely on fitting copy just once in a layout without the need for any manual adjustments. InCopy creates outstanding text by employing the unparalleled precision and control of the typographical features of InDesign including, the multi-line composer, optical kerning and margin alignment capabilities. Like InDesign, InCopy supports multiple levels of undo and redo to allow for more creativity and efficiency while copy fitting.

Setting the stage for Web-based workflows
Adobe InCopy supports WebDAV server technology that allows for collaboration with other applications that support WebDAV servers. This support for a non-proprietary server technology enables integrators to create full editorial workflow and asset management systems using a wider range of applications, including InDesign to meet their customers’ needs. WebDAV support also enables versioning control to assist editors and designers to efficiently manage changes to a publication in real time.

“The release of InCopy takes the integrated pagination aspect of our new publishing system to the next level,” said Albert deBruijn, vice president of marketing for Newspaper Operations, System Integrators, Inc. “Because of InCopy and InDesign’s open architecture, we are able to easily create a robust editorial publishing solution with smooth integration between the applications that comprise our systems.”

About InDesign
Adobe InDesign is a state-of-the art page layout program that delivers unprecedented creative freedom, productivity, and precision, while integrating seamlessly with Adobe’s other leading design programs. Created for high-end graphic designers, production artists, and prepress professionals, Adobe InDesign removes the creative barriers presented by previously available publishing software, providing a powerful new set of tools that can shorten the distance between inspiration and reality.

InDesign software, built from the ground up, is based on a new open, object-oriented architecture that is highly extensible, thus greatly reducing development cycles and enabling Adobe to rapidly evolve the platform. This open architecture creates a core on which third-party developers and system integrators can deliver custom publishing solutions for magazines, advertising agencies, catalogs, retailers, design studios, and newspapers.

Pricing and Availability
Adobe InCopy for Mac OS 8.5, Windows® 98, and Windows NT® 4.0 is expected to be available in Spring 2000. InCopy will be available solely through the Adobe InDesign system integrator channel. Pricing will be determined by the integrators based on individual installations. Adobe Systems Incorporated expects to make Adobe InCopy available in a number of languages, including French, German, and international English.

About Adobe Systems Incorporated

Founded in 1982, Adobe Systems builds award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing. Its graphic design, imaging, dynamic media, and authoring tools enable customers to create, publish and deliver visually-rich content for various types of media. The company’s products are used by Web and graphic designers, professional publishers, document-intensive organizations, business users, and consumers. Adobe is the fourth largest U.S.-based personal software company, with annual revenues approaching $1 billion. It employs over 2,400 employees worldwide and has operations in North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, Japan and Latin America. Adobe’s worldwide headquarters are in San Jose, California and its web site is located at www.adobe.com.

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