Adobe and Tradocs Help Automate Document Processes Across Global Supply Chains

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Companies Announce Availability of Comprehensive Electronic Trade Document Routing and Management Solution to Increase Levels of Automation Across Industries

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 8, 2006 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Tradocs ( ) today announced the availability of a jointly developed solution for the automation of international trade documents within supply chain processes with Intel Corporation. Demonstrated this week at the Sibos Conference in Sydney, Australia, the solution is based on the Tradocs Trade Services Utility (TSU) Connector Suite, Adobe® PDF and the SWIFT1 Trade Services Utility platform, powered by Intel ® Core™ 2 Duo processors for high performance computing.

With this new solution, suppliers, customers and banks can manage their international trade documents more effectively. Now, supply chain partners have the ability to drive compliant workflows for inter-corporate information exchange and routing of trade documents to banks through the SWIFT Trade Services Utility platform utilizing PDF. Any form of document can be converted to PDF within the Tradocs TSU Connector Suite to facilitate the accessibility and tracking of information as it moves through a supply chain.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Adobe and Intel in developing the Tradocs TSU Connector Suite,” said Tony Duggan, CEO, Tradocs. “The solution efficiently transfers data between users and the SWIFT Trade Services Utility platform and offers easy access via Internet for corporate customers - enabling rapid migration to an automated environment.”

The Tradocs TSU Connector Suite is enhanced through the integration of Adobe LiveCycle™ software for electronic forms, process orchestration, and document rights management. As a result, the solution matches corresponding documents within supply chain workflows to ensure a rapid and seamless process, accessible through the ubiquitous Adobe Reader®.

“Banks recognize that the physical supply chain and the financial supply chain need to come together in order to reduce costs. The first step towards addressing this challenge is to move more processes to the electronic realm,” said Anthony Giagnacovo, EMEA finance practice director, Adobe. “A business's ability to trade electronically can be vastly improved through the use of tools that enable the easy, secure exchange of electronic documents. Adobe tools, particularly PDF, sit at the core of this solution.”

“We are delighted to work with Tradocs and Adobe on this supply chain solution. Intel and Adobe are established technology partners, and the addition of Tradocs enables us to position our technologies for this focus area of supply chain,” said Nigel Woodward, director, global financial services, Intel. “Tradocs TSU Connector Suite makes use of optimized Intel Core2Duo infrastructure, and as partners we will explore how the new solution can enable the extension of computing into the supply chain via Intel's leadership in mobile computing.”


30-day trial solutions are available to Sibos conference attendees at the Adobe booth (Booth A27). The enhanced Tradocs TSU Connector Suite for Adobe LiveCycle is immediately available at Adobe LiveCycle software is available from Adobe Systems Incorporated, .

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1. Society of Worldwide International Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)


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