Accessibility wins Webby award, the companion Web site to the 2004 Adobe book Words at Play, a typographical tribute by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich and Matteo Bologna, has won a Webby and People's Voice honors in the 9th Annual Webby Awards. Adobe's Ashwini Jambotkar, de Vicq, and Bologna accepted the Webby award for Best Home/Welcome Page at a ceremony in New York City on June 6, 2005.

A book and Web site like no other

Words at Play is both a book and interactive Web site celebrating the power of words, the beauty of typography, and the creativity of designers. The project showcases de Vicq's typographic portraits of 21 renowned writers (plus Al Capone and Napoleon Bonaparte).

Each portrait is crafted from a single OpenType® font using only the letters of the author's name (and the occasional parenthesis), and is paired with a quotation from the author about the craft of writing or the wonder of words. Each quotation contains the word "word" or "words" and alludes to a specific feature of Adobe® InDesign® software.

The Web site features animated versions of five portraits from the book, those of Samuel Beckett, Anne Sexton, Lord Byron, Edgar Allan Poe, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Letters and punctuation fly on and off the screen to reconstruct these portraits with whimsical style. Interactive animations introduce you to the InDesign features associated with each portrait — ligatures, optical kerning, multilingual support, gradients, and alternate glyphs.

Site credits

The Words at Play Web site was art directed by de Vicq and Bologna, designed and animated by Steve Holmes, and coded by Bo Nielsen. Alyson Kuhn wrote the copy, and Whitney McCleary provided editorial and project management. Both the book and Web site were sponsored by Adobe Systems together with Yupo Corporation and Andrews Connecticut (an RR Donnelley Company). The book was created with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator®, and the Web site was designed with this software plus Adobe After Effects®, LiveMotion®, GoLive®, and Photoshop®.

Visit Words at Play.