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Sign-up made simple.

You want an enrollment experience that’s secure, compliant, and so painless that it’s actually a pleasure. Especially for your customers who want the flexibility to start on one device, switch to another, and then finish up wherever they are. Today no one wants to deal with complicated paper-based forms. And everyone expects a great experience on every device. You’re excited about going digital because you’ll save time, money, and be able to personalize enrollment so it works better.


Get your enrollment rolling.

Adobe can help


Your customers are on the move, so your enrollment experiences need to be too. If you have clunky web or paper-like experiences on mobile devices, your customers may switch to pricy in-person or telephone options — or give up altogether. But when you offer seamless, consistent experiences across all devices, enrollment is a breeze.



Adobe can help.
With Adobe Experience Manager, you can easily create the same engaging customer experiences for mobile, tablets, and desktops – and deliver them without writing code. Using the same content, Experience Manager creates mobile optimized sites, pages, forms, documents that automatically adjust for all devices. Customers can start a transaction on a smartphone, continue on a desktop, and then complete it on a tablet — picking up right where they left off. And if any of them drop off along the way, Adobe Campaign lets you re-engage them with targeted emails.


Make your forms safe and sound.

Adobe can help


You’ve heard that electronic signatures can help make enrollment convenient and fast for your customers, but you’re concerned about security and compliance. Yet some departments still think paper forms and signatures are safer. They don’t realize that e-signatures can streamline sign-ups and processing, saving you time and money, while being completely secure and compliant.



Adobe can help.
 Adobe can help. With Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Sign, you can make your enrollment process paperless, compliant, and secure. You can simplify forms by pre-filling data from existing customer or social media profiles. Meet the most stringent security and web accessibility requirements and support the highest level of signer authentication. Say goodbye to printing, scanning, and postage costs. You’ll find it easier to adapt to changing compliance requirements without reprinting anything.



Move from paper planes to digital jets.

Adobe can help


It’s time-consuming and costly to have developers create and update your forms — especially if you have multiple versions that have to work well on the web, in mobile, and apps. You rather take control and have the ability to create and manage digital forms on your own more efficiently, which gets you to market faster.



Adobe Target & Adobe Analytics

Adobe can help.
 With Experience Manager Forms, you can quickly create and manage forms that are consistent on every device. The simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy to define and apply styles, colors, and fonts. Localize content and insert logic rules. Even set dynamic behavior — without coding. After forms are submitted, automated workflows connect them to back-end systems and save you processing time.


Get up close and personal with your customers.

Adobe can help


It's important to know exactly how your customers experience enrollment. Of course, you want to understand how long it takes to complete an application, which groups of customers are interacting at each step, and where they’re dropping off. These are the kinds of insights that will help you personalize the customer experience, increase conversion, and drive sales.




Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Analytics you can get real-time insights into how customers experience your enrollment. See where they’re engaged and learn where they drop off. Then use Adobe Target to test multiple versions of a form and encourage cross-selling with personalized approval letters, welcome kits, and promotions.


Streamlined enrollment. At your service.

Why Adobe?


Today's consumers want a streamlined sign-up process that they can start and complete on any device. In many industries, customer interactions involve the exchange of a lot of information, including when customers sign-up, onboard, and apply for services. Delivering the most modern enrollment requires the right combination of data, insights, and tools.


Why Adobe.

Adobe gives you everything you need to deliver relevant, personalized enrollment experiences. Create them for desktops and mobile devices all in one location — without coding. Build easy-to-complete forms with legally binding electronic signatures thanks to integration with Adobe Sign. Identify your best content with easy-to-execute tests and get deep insights into your customers. With Marketing Cloud, you can deliver the right experience to every customer, every time.

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