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  • Customer Experience
    Digital Transformation Paves the Way for Delivering Great Customer Experiences

    Companies are investing in digital technology in order to better position their brands in the marketplace. Market leaders are increasingly focused on the people, processes, and tools required to integrate technology across their enterprises, resulting in a digital maturity effect that impacts everything from differentiation to conversion rates.

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  • Digital Marketing
    7 Steps to Digital Experience Transformation

    It takes significant organizational effort by manufacturing leadership to develop and execute a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. However, the investment is worth the reward, which will lead to cost-savings and increased operational efficiency.

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  • Customer Experience
    Did You See the New Trailer for Star Wars?

    Did you see the new trailer to Star Wars? That is no doubt the phrase around the water cooler this week. It was hard to miss being promoted during a highly televised Monday Night Football game. The game may have looked more like a baseball score at halftime 3-2 lead for the Vikings, but nobody much cared after the trailer aired. Within 15 min the trailer had 80k social engagements on its Twitter handle and 280k views on YouTube. Lost amongst the fanfare was the true brilliance of Disney’s marketing scheme to maximize profit and insights into activities others can do to profit in the digital and social world we live in.

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