Adobe Flash Home

Deliver rich, dynamic home screens

Adobe® Flash® Home enables you to deliver rich, dynamic home screens consistently across a broad range of handsets.

Flash Home interface on handset screen

Adobe Flash Home overview

Flash Home is a flexible, white-label home screen solution that combines customizable home screens with live data services to provide subscribers with personalized, engaging experiences across handsets.

With Flash Home, you can embed data services and active content into home screens and easily promote new services tailored for various market segments, extending and differentiating your brand in a highly visual way.

The Flash Home solution is part of the Adobe® Mobile Experience Suite:

Adobe Mobile Experience Suite architecture diagram

Why Adobe Flash Home

Example of rich engaging user interface
Data-enabled home screen

Transform user experiences

Offer a catalog of rich, data-enabled home screens that are easy to discover, purchase, and use. Leverage award-winning Flash technology to deliver a rich and memorable experience. Subscribers benefit from engaging content, intuitive navigation, and a consistent experience across handsets.

Differentiate your brand

Enable highly expressive customization that is easy to create and update at any time. Help ensure brand differentiation, reinforcement, and protection. Extend your brand, offering an exciting look and feel across handsets.

Deliver personalized user experiences

Appeal to a wide range of customer segments through customized user interfaces. Allow your subscribers to easily personalize their handsets and access rich content to reflect their individual interests.

Key features

  • Flexible, data-enabled home screens
  • On-device catalog for easy discovery, preview, and management of home screens
  • Support for rich media, including text, audio, and vector graphics
  • Over-the-air updates of branded user interfaces
  • Extensible architecture
  • Powerful mobile authoring capabilities

Over 300 Million Flash-enabled devices shipped. 300 Flash-enabled device models as of 6/30/07. View devices >