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Macromedia Flash MX and Director Comparison

Activity/Content Macromedia Flash Macromedia Director Why
Deploying to fixed media (CD/DVD, kiosk)   * Advanced memory management, extensibility, and integration with high-quality media formats, such as DVD-Video, Apple QuickTime and Real Media.
Website user interfaces *   98% ubiquity of Macromedia Flash Player streaming content optimized for the web.
Interactive real-time 3D   * Intel Internet 3D graphics software included with Director.
Video: Long form * * Flash video is based on the H.263 video compression standard. Director MX 2004 supports DVD-Video, Windows Media, RealMedia, Apple QuickTime, Flash video, as well as various other video formats. Through the Director MX 2004 runtime extension mechanism (Xtra plug-ins), various other formats (such as MPEG2) are also supported.
Internet-based rich-media applications *   Build rich Internet applications with a familiar forms-based development environment and powerful data binding with Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Professional.
Accessible rich media * * Macromedia Flash Player 7 adds native support for assistive technologies, such as screen readers (Window-Eyes, JAWS) used by people with disabilities. Director MX 2004 enables the creation of accessible content that is available on Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms, in browsers, or as a stand-alone executable, without the need for a screen reader.
CD- or DVD-based applications   * Advanced memory management enables optimal playback of fixed-media based multimedia files.
Authoring & Runtime Extensibility   * The extensible Director architecture (Xtra extensions) provides the ability to add unique functionality for unlimited extensibility.
Multiple media formats   * Director MX 2004 supports over 40 different media formats, including Quicktime, Windows Media, DVD, Flash content, RealMedia and many others.
Launching external applications   * Launch external applications from within Director for a seamless user experience.
Access to file systems   * Available through Macromedia Shockwave Player by integrated security mechanisms.
Support for devices in addition to webcam and microphone   * Director supports multiple input mechanisms, such as joysticks and the multi-button mouse, through the Xtra extension mechanism
Precision sound control   * Director offers a powerful, fully scriptable sound mixer, allowing low-level transformations of audio.
High-performance sprite rendering engine   * Director offers a highly optimized rendering engine optimized for high-speed graphics and sound???both 2D and 3D.
Online advertising *   Macromedia Flash Player is the most widely distributed rich-media runtime, available on 98% of desktops. It offers a powerful scripting language for tracking user interactions, and seamless integration with existing tracking systems.
Content for devices *   Macromedia Flash Player has been ported to many popular devices???including Pocket PC handhelds and leading set-tops???from vendors such as Liberate and OpenTV.