Adobe JRun 4

The Adobe JRun 4 Software Developer Kit (SDK) is available for ISVs and advanced users at corporate accounts who want more granular control over JRun installation and configuration. The SDK kit is based on JRun 4.0 Updater 3 (Build 73739). The SDK allows you to modify the JRun 4 installer to exclude certain components, perform a "silent install" of JRun 4, automatically connect JRun 4 to web servers, and modify and extend the JRun Management Console (JMC).

Before you start with the JRun 4 source files, be sure to read the JRun 4 SDK Guide, which provides useful information about the different SDK components and how you can use them to modify JRun 4 installation and setup.

Note: The SDK is a collection of advanced JRun 4.0 features that permit extension and customization of JRun 4.0. Due to their nature, support of the SDK is provided to Silver and Gold Support Plan customers only.

The following file contains prebuilt filesets used by all platforms and SDK documentation in Adobe PDF format:

The following file contains the Windows merge modules you use to build custom JRun installations on the Windows platform:

The following files contain the Unix InstallAnywhere BIN files you use to build custom JRun installations on Unix platforms:

Additional Downloads

For some users who need it, we want to provide the following additional downloads.

JRun 4 Updater 3
English | French | Japanese

English | French | Japanese

Macintosh bits are available in English only.


Full JRun 4 with Updater 2
Compaq Tru64
English | French | Japanese

English | French | Japanese

English | French | Japanese

English | French | Japanese