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Adobe Drive 2.0 and Version Que FAQ

Coinciding with the release of Adobe Creative Suite® 5, Adobe has discontinued the sale and distribution of the Adobe Version Cue asset management tool. This decision is part of our strategy to provide integrated asset management experiences to Creative Suite users in a way that reflects the current digital asset management (DAM) marketplace. Adobe will continue to invest in asset management enablement through open industry standards and partnerships.

Adobe Drive 2.0, which is available for download from, enables users of Creative Suite 4 and 5 products to access files stored on a Version Cue Server CS4 installation. Adobe Drive 2.0 can also be extended to support access to 3rd-party asset management systems. An asset-management vendor can provide a custom connector for Adobe Drive 2.0 to enable easy access to assets stored in their repository.

This document describes features of this transition, and answers some frequently-asked questions.

Why have you discontinued Version Cue?

We have learned from the experience of producing two versions of an asset management system that the requirements of our broad customer base cannot be met by a "one size fits all" approach to asset management. Many users need to integrate the use of a wide variety of specialized asset management solutions into their Creative Suite workflows.

We believe that a standards-based approach to integrating our applications with existing asset and content management systems will better meet the needs of a broader portion of our user base, and allow us to focus our investments on developing and improving our products.

Users of Creative Suite 5 will have greater flexibility in selecting an appropriate asset management system for their needs from the many commercial DAM vendors. Adobe is providing the technology that asset-management vendors can use to provide easy access to their systems through Adobe Drive 2.0. Customers will have to purchase a DAM system for this purpose or acquire one through open source or a freeware provider.

What servers are supported?

Customers can ask potential vendors if they provide an Adobe Drive 2.0 connector for Creative Suite 5. Adobe has active partnerships with a number of DAM vendors. A complete list of these partners and contact information will be provided.

Any DAM system that complies with the OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard for asset management systems will be able to integrate into CS5 applications using the generic CMIS Connector that is provided along with the Adobe Drive 2.0 SDK.

How long will Adobe provide technical support for Version Cue CS4?

Adobe's typical support policy provides that a version of an Adobe product be supported until two future versions have been released. In this case, Version Cue CS4 will be supported until the next major release of Creative Suite after CS5.

Users of Creative Suite 5 products can continue using their current Version Cue CS4 servers. Adobe Drive 2.0 provides a Version Cue compatibility component that allows CS5 users to interact with assets stored in Version Cue CS4.

However, we highly recommend that you begin now to identify a third-party asset management system to replace your existing Version Cue CS4 server installation. Version Cue Server CS4 will not be supported after the next major release of Creative Suite.

Can I still use Version Cue for PDF reviews?

While support continues for Version Cue CS4, you can continue to use it as a review server for PDF reviews. For large organizations with a high volume of PDF review and approval activities, we recommend Adobe LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 2 to replace this functionality.

How can I migrate my Version Cue data to a new server?

Adobe Drive 2.0 includes a Version Cue migration tool that allows you to extract assets from a Version Cue CS4 server and transfer them to another DAM server or store them at a designated file system location. The Adobe Drive 2.0 documentation includes an Administrator's Guide that explains how to do this.

Is Adobe Bridge still supported?

Adobe Bridge continues to be supported, and has been integrated with Adobe Drive 2.0 to provide access to other asset-management systems.

What is Adobe Drive 2.0?

Adobe Drive 2.0 is available as of August 2010 to enable seamless integration of an asset-management system with Adobe Creative Suite 5 applications. The Adobe Drive 2.0 Connect UI is an easy-to-use interface that allows users to connect to a DAM server. Once you are connected, Adobe Drive 2.0 offers simple, intuitive access to remote assets through the platform file browsers, through platform dialogs such as Open and Save, through Adobe Bridge, and directly from the menus and UIs of Drive-integrated Creative Suite applications: Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, and Adobe Bridge.

Adobe provides the Adobe Drive 2.0 SDK to third-party asset-management vendors. The SDK allows DAM vendors to create custom connectors for easy access to their servers. A custom connector can expose features such as check-in, version comments, and version retrieval.

With the customized connector, Adobe Drive 2.0 offers the user an easy way to connect to a DAM server and access it as a network drive on the user's file system. Users can treat remote managed assets as if they were local, browsing them with the platform file browser or through Adobe Bridge.

Adobe Drive 2.0 also accesses "hidden" user functions within the integrated Creative Suite applications, allowing users to perform asset management functions directly from the application, such as viewing version history, or adding a check-in comment when saving a file. These Creative Suite features are present in the application only when Adobe Drive 2.0 (along with a DAM vendor's custom connector) is installed on the user's machine.

What???s new in Adobe Drive 2.0?

There are some major new features in Adobe Drive 2.0, as described in the documentation that is included in the download. Briefly, we have added:

  • Configuration capability for the user interface, the Adobe Drive 2.0 Connect UI
  • 64-bit platform compatibility
  • A data migration tool
How is this new version related to Adobe Drive CS4?

Adobe Drive 2.0 is the next version of Adobe Drive CS4, which was bundled with CS4 suite products. Adobe Drive 2.0, however, is not bundled with Creative Suite 5 products, but is available separately. We will use the version number to identify future releases.

Installing Adobe Drive 2.0 automatically detects and uninstalls Adobe Drive CS4.

Can I use Adobe Drive 2.0 with CS4?

Adobe Drive 2.0 can be used with both Creative Suite 5 and Creative Suite 4. The installation includes a compatibility library for Creative Suite 4. If you have been using a Creative Suite 4/Version Cue CS4 server workflow, the compatibility library allows you to use Adobe Drive 2.0 features in your existing workflow.

Adobe Drive 2.0 uses a scheme to identify the type of server to which you connect. To connect tp a Version Cue CS4 server, use the scheme "versioncue://" at the beginning of the URL in the Adobe Drive 2.0 Connect UI, and specify the port of the Version Cue server; for example, versioncue:// (the default port is 3703). If the Version Cue CS4 server is configured to enable SSL, Adobe Drive 2.0 automatically connects using SSL.

Does Adobe Drive 2.0 support multiple connections?

In Mac OS, you can connect to multiple DAM servers at the same time. This feature is not available in Windows; you must disconnect from the currently connected server before connecting to a new one.