Display the products your visitors can’t resist.

Make it easy for visitors to browse your site, find content, and compare products. Suggest merchandise and offers to your site visitors based on which pages they’ve visited and what search terms they’ve used. Adobe Target makes it easy to promote the right content based on data-driven visitor preferences — so you can quickly boost engagement and sales.


Features of search-driven merchandising

Broad site search and navigation options

Select from features such as auto-complete, a “Did you mean?” function, dynamic image options, multimedia use, decision-making refinements (such as product color or customer rating), and more.

Customized results display

Specify which results to display and how to display them, such as pinning high-converting results at the top or offering sorting criteria such as most popular and highest rated.

Search intent

Linguistics, industry terminology, and business rules have been built into Adobe Target to allow your visitors’ searches to be interpreted or corrected to deliver the right results.

Metrics-based relevance

Set business and ranking rules that dynamically serve relevant search results. Use metrics and KPI thresholds to trigger automated merchandising rules.

Adobe Analytics integration

Integration with Adobe Analytics gives insight into search term performance and profitable navigation behavior through your sites, apps, and more.

Targeted promotions

Manage and deliver relevant marketing content or offers, such as a promotional video or banner, on a search results or category page for timely action.

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