Volume licensing for education

Get the most out of your software budgets with Adobe???s Volume Licensing for educational institutions

Adobe???s various volume licensing solutions offer industry-standard Adobe software to educational institutions and students and help maximize their software budgets. There are different options open to higher educational institutions, K-12 schools, as well as students and faculty members.

Find out whether you qualify for education pricing

Educational institutions can participate in volume software licensing through the following programs:

Key program benefits

  • High-volume discount opportunities
  • OEM program for students
  • Online tools for efficient software administration
  • Access to the latest software versions with upgrade plan

Contractual Licensing Program (CLP)

A 2-year membership that is effective worldwide, CLP covers most of Adobe products. Larger institutions with multiple locations and campuses can take advantage of the simple software ordering and administration through a centralized process.

Over the membership term, CLP offers the same level of discount for purchases of any quantity or location, based on the initial order amount. In addition, points accumulated from subsequent orders may entitle the institution to even deeper discount levels.

Transactional Licensing Program (TLP)

With no membership requirements, TLP makes it easy for educational institutions to gain the benefits of volume licensing for smaller orders, as discounts are based on the value of each order. Each order for new or upgrade licenses that exceeds the minimum required points level entitles the institution to a discount level. TLP is a quick and easy way for an educational institution to reap the benefits of volume ordering.

Term Site License (TSL)

Especially designed for higher educational institutions, TSL enables the deployment of latest versions of industry standard Adobe Creative Suite software across a campus.

This 1 year program charges based an annual fee based on the total number of full-time equivalent staff covered in the agreement. It allows for software budget maximization and ensures license holders receive all updates and upgrades to latest Adobe Creative Suite software during the term of the license without additional budget.

K-12 School Site License

Adobe also has a volume licensing program especially for K-12 (primary and secondary) schools. This K-12 School Site License allows schools to take advantage of affordable pricing for Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design, Web and Production editions while getting valuable curriculum resources.

The K-12 School Site License (for Windows?? and Mac OS) allows for a maximum installation on up to 500 computers at a single school site and includes teacher home use rights.

OEM Program for Students

OEM programs for student are available in selected Asia Pacific countries. Offer your students access to cutting edge digital media technology tools with this program.

You can either purchase Adobe products which can be shipped with laptops purchased by students from the school; or as a school, you can buy highly discounted licenses of selected Adobe software for redistribution or resale to your students.

This program helps to provide your students with industry-standard tools at an affordable price, thus reducing software piracy on the campus. Students can then focus on expressing their creative ideas and prepare for their future careers.