Support for Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat support

Speed up deployment, increase productivity, and protect your investment in Acrobat products

To maximize the value of your Adobe?? Acrobat?? investment, you need timely support expertise ??? whether you're an IT manager looking for the best way to deploy Acrobat solutions, an operations administrator managing Acrobat in a production environment, or an internal solutions provider who needs advice on the best way to leverage Acrobat features. With Adobe's world-class expertise at your disposal, you get the help you need.

Acrobat deployment advice

Adobe support consultants provide expert advice on how to plan an Acrobat deployment for small, medium, and large installations. We offer recommendations on how to install, configure, and customize Acrobat for your environment. And we provide insight into handling security issues and integrating with third-party software.

Managing Acrobat in production

Once Acrobat is deployed into production, Adobe support consultants can help keep your software up to date through new versions of Acrobat and the rest of the operating environment. We can assist with production system topics such as updating or upgrading to a new version with minimal disruption, integrating with other products, and performance tuning.

Support for developers and designers

Developers, designers, and other solution providers face a number of decisions when using Acrobat. How and when to use forms, working with security and rights management, performing operations on a PDF file, product interoperability, APIs, and workflows are just a few of the design and development-related topics supported by Adobe.

Acrobat Support Solutions Enterprise Workgroup Individuals
Platinum maintenance and support (annual program) yes    
Gold support (annual program) yes yes  
Silver support (annual program)   yes  
Bronze support (per incident)   yes  
Premium services yes yes  
Developer programs yes yes yes