Enterprise-sized creativity.

Creative Cloud for enterprise gives large organizations access to Adobe’s creative desktop apps and services, workgroup collaboration, and license management tools — and it works with other Adobe enterprise offerings. Additional benefits include flexible deployment, annual license true-ups, and enterprise-level customer support.
  1. Can IT continue to package the Creative Cloud apps and services for deployment using existing deployment infrastructure?

    Yes, IT packaging tools will continue to be provided for customization and packaging of the Creative Cloud apps and services. The packager will output Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) or Mac OS X PKG installers for enterprise deployment and imaging.

  2. What if my organization doesn't want to update as soon as Adobe releases new desktop applications via Creative Cloud?

    Your IT team has complete control over which apps, services, and features are packaged and deployed, and when. Versions can be vetted in production or via pilots before they are deployed across the organization.

  3. What if my organization doesn't want to use Adobe IDs for login to Creative Cloud?

    IT administrators can still deploy Creative Cloud for enterprise with serial numbers, which means users will be anonymous and can work in offline environments. However, if you want to take advantage of the new Adobe Enterprise Dashboard for easier license management or you want your users to access cloud storage or cloud services, then you’ll want to deploy the creative apps to named users using either Adobe IDs or Enterprise IDs. You decide which option is best for your organization, and you can even mix and match for different users and groups.

  4. Can IT control who has access to Creative Cloud storage, services, and applications?

    Yes, IT controls the deployment of creative apps and updates by creating customized deployment packages (industry-standard MSI and PKG files) with the free Creative Cloud Packager. The new Adobe Enterprise Dashboard lets IT control which users and groups within your organization have access to cloud storage and services.

  5. Can my organization still purchase Creative Suite 6 through a volume licensing program?

    Effective June 1, we made Creative Cloud the exclusive source for all creative licensing. This means that CS6 is no longer available under our Cumulative and Transactional licensing programs (CLP and TLP). All other Adobe products available under volume licensing, such as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Presenter, are unaffected by this change. This change affects commercial customers worldwide and government customers worldwide (with the exception of Japan), but there is no change for education customers. CS6 will continue to be available for purchase via Electronic Software Download (ESD) on Adobe.com in countries where it is currently available.

Creative Cloud
“Creative Cloud was really too good to ignore, and it was a seamless transition to switch our existing licenses to Creative Cloud for enterprise.”
— Shaun Gray, Information Technology, Product, and Customer Support Manager Wellcom Worldwide


Everything your large organization needs

  • Ongoing access to the latest Creative Cloud apps and services
  • License management with Adobe Enterprise Dashboard
  • Flexible deployment with Creative Cloud Packager
  • User authentification options to securely assign licenses
  • Optional cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration
  • Dedicated enterprise support for both IT and creative teams
  • Works with other Adobe enterprise solutions
  • Flexible annual true-ups
  • Simplified budgeting and purchasing through one contract


Benefits of Creative Cloud for enterprise

Creative Cloud desktop app

The latest creative desktop apps and services

Give your organization access to the very latest version of every Creative Cloud desktop app and service, plus support for high-performance platforms and the latest industry standards. Optional cloud storage, up to 100GB, allows sharing of creative work, folders, and synced settings.

Streamlined license management and deployment

Manage users and their entitlements centrally with the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard. Build and view custom packages of the apps and services and deliver to users with common installers. Retain full control over product version and type, and test new features and releases prior to deployment. Learn more ›
Adobe Enterprise Dashboard
Request an expert session

Enterprise-level customer care

Dedicated enterprise customer care includes a personal onboarding call, 24x7 technical support for IT, and unlimited one-on-one Expert Sessions. Plus, creative users have access to hundreds of tutorials personalized for every experience level, available in a browser, on an iPad, or even right in the app.

Simplified budgeting and purchasing

Purchase directly from Adobe with a single, term-based contract customized for your organization’s needs. Add licenses as your organization grows and projects scale, without additional contract discussions or added procurement processes at time of deployment, and then true-up annually on your contract anniversary. Learn more ›
Add licenses as your organization grows
Extend Creative Cloud with additional Adobe Enterprise offerings

Integration with other Adobe enterprise offerings

Extend Creative Cloud with additional Adobe enterprise offerings such as Adobe AnywhereAcrobatEchoSignDigital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition and Behance Talent Search. (Each sold separately as part of an ETLA.)

Creative Cloud
Adobe General Manager and VP Danny Winokur shares his view of the mobile, social, and cloud trends that are influencing creative teams in large organizations.

Creative Cloud for enterprise is also available for: 

Schools and universities

Essential apps for teaching and learning. Flexible and affordable licensing.
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Industry-standard technology, enterprise support, and secure deployments.
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Available through an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).

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