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Media, broadcasting and entertainment marketing requires presenting your content the way today’s consumers expect to get it — available on multiple channels and across multiple devices. We help you better understand your audiences, deliver content on every platform and take advantage of revenue opportunities.


Make the most out of video.

Quickly make your video available for any platform or channel. And use targeting and dynamic ad insertion to get a greater return on your advertising.



Attributing success is the key.

Use attribution to increase the reach and depth of your audiences, understand the most valuable segments and better target your marketing campaigns.


Not all audiences are equal.

Know the true value of your audiences, or even niche segments of audiences, to get the best value from your advertising dollars.


Never guess again.

Do you know what’s driving audiences to your content? Or away? Use predictive, attribution and testing capabilities to know what content to share and how to share it.

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The worldwide publisher builds new revenue streams through digital subscriptions and advertisements.
Improved understanding of customer interactions increased revenues for this satellite TV provider by 49%.
The sports broadcaster uses Adobe Analytics to update digital ad strategies in real time.


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Learn how the industry’s top executives are thriving in the new digital landscape. Discover their priorities for the coming year and the technologies they’re using to increase their teams’ digital maturity.

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