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Content should be personal. Anything else is irrelevant.

Customer expectations continue to rise. As a marketer, you need to keep your company relevant by making each customer experience personal. Not only are you paying attention to customer activity, but you have to actively provide what they want and need. And you need to deliver highly relevant, personalized experiences across every channel. If consumers don’t get what they want, they’ll go elsewhere.


Personalization and ROI go hand-in-hand.


You want to drive strong ROI and you know personalizing your content is important. But it’s intimidating and seems complicated. First off, you need a plan. And a big part of that plan is a testing and optimization process to inform your personalization strategy.



Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, you can easily set up and run tests to determine the best offers, messaging, and content. Target lets you deliver personalized content based on a combination of rules-based and machine learning approaches that incorporate behavioral, contextual, and offline variables.



The more you know. The more you can personalize.


In marketing, your plan only works if you know your customers. So, you need to know everything from their preferences to their expectations. You need to know how to identify high-value customer segments through analytics to know which variables to leverage for personalization.



Adobe Analytics
Adobe can help. Adobe Analytics collects customer data and provides insights into their interactions across mobile, web, and other marketing channels. It intelligently analyzes all your customer touchpoints, giving you a richer understanding of the customer journey. With Analytics, you can deliver the most relevant and timely content to consumers.



Disconnected platforms create disconnected marketing.


To deliver personalized content across mobile, web, and other marketing channels, you need a content platform that connects with your other solutions. And you need to build experiences without writing code, or relying on others to implement your plans.


Adobe Marketing Cloud


Adobe can help. Adobe Experience Manager brings together all your content and assets in a central location to fuel your personalization strategy. It lets you easily create content for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices in one location—all without writing code. There’s no need to create pages for every device, Experience Manager automatically adjusts each experience using your content.



Bring it all together.


You have a lot of customer data, but it’s scattered all over the place. To really understand and deliver the most relevant experiences, you need to be able to stitch together all your data sources. You need a solution that helps you build robust customer profiles and segments using all your insights—online and offline.


Adobe Marketing Cloud


Adobe can help. Adobe Campaign lets you personalize and deliver campaigns across all your online and offline channels. With Adobe, you can segment and target your customers with precision. Campaign gathers all your data into a single, integrated customer profile. It lets you manage data segments to deliver automated and triggered email campaigns. You can then monitor the performance of all your cross-channel campaigns in one place.



Fully personalized content. With fully integrated solutions.

Why Adobe


Marketing has come a long way. In the past, you had to cobble together a series of point solutions to create a unified digital marketing plan. Adobe has changed that. With Adobe Marketing Cloud, all your marketing tools are unified into one integrated solution. It gives you the deepest integration with analytics, content management, optimization, and personalization. Which means you can now easily create personalized content that impacts the bottom line.


Why Adobe.
In the past, to create such a unified digital marketing plan, you would need to cobble together a series of point solutions. Today, Adobe Marketing Cloud unifies all these marketing tools into one integrated solution. No one else offers such deep integration with analytics, data management, optimization, and personalization.

Know what customers need. Even before they do.

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Let data drive your experiences.

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