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Unwanted characters

by Swimmer301 on August 15, 2012 Avg Rating 4.0 (1)   |   Log in to rate post.

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Copying MSWord 2008 text into Dreamweaver works just fine. When I preview it in Safari, unwanted characters appear with possessives and © copyright signs. See examples below.


I have had to workaround by changing text to remove the < 's > and the <© > using the word copyright and rewriting the sentence to remove possessive. This is NOT workable.

Detailed description


Note the copied text from Safari preview.  It also will show up on final copy.

 â€œThis is the closing report for tonight,” said Ann as she introduced the brother-in-law, Tim Hadden. He was reviewing the history of Matilda Saari Vainionpaa. It all began with the wedding of Johan Johansson and Liisa Falk in Ylistaro, Finland in the 1800’s. They were the parents of the three (Ailiin, Helen, and Mary) Saari girls’ father Jaakko Saari and their mother Bertta. Tim said: “What a story can be told 


Photos© Jeff 

Tagged with Safari 4 , Text , Firefox 3.5

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I feel your pain.

I've had this many times.  Here are a couple of best practices I've found when working with "Word" (evil).  

1. Learn proper HTML, so you know what to look for when you paste a document into the WYSIWYG. (It's not hard). Hubert63 is right, curly quotes and straight quotes are completely different, some browsers will make them into junk characters.  “ is not ".
2. There's a function under COMMANDS in DW called "Clean Up Word HTML..." I haven't had that much success using that but you might want to try it.
3. Once you paste in a doc into the preview pane, select a space between words and go to Edit > Find and Replace > and Replace the selection with a spacebar space.  Do that in a few places that look like they may have double spaces. You'll find that this could clear up a lot of weirdness, more than what DW automated clean up can do.
4. Before this all happens, try to convert your Word Doc to a plain text doc and open it in Notepad, that should take out a lot of the junk that Word leaves in there.
5. Make sure your HTML doc has a charset of utf-8.  

Hope all this is helpful.


We see that issue related to the encoding used. Try using unicode UTF-8.

Need to get rid of "special" characteristics.

I am no expert, but I have had this happen to me from time to time. My conclusion is that the quote marks, apostrophes and other special characters are an MS variant of the characters. I have taken to pasting the text first into a text editor (to eliminate the "special" part of the character) and then copy it back and paste it in. That will work more often than not. If you look at the quotes, for example, they look a little fancier than if you delete them and then re-type them. Hope this helps.

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