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I have no idea what to do first so I can start to make a website


Make me able to understand it, or make it easier ..

Detailed description

 Where do I type my name, or my sex, or my height, or anything I want to type?


How about...Wally's Mail Store.  How do I type that, center it, make it bold or make it bigger?  How can I change the color of the word Wally's and make it a different font?


I think you sent this to me as a joke and that the real program is coming to me later, but I am not laughing.  I want to create a website and this has nothing to do with that kind of thing.  If this is a joke, please forgive me for not laughing after spending all of this money.

Tagged with Huh? , tag , Explorer 7.0 , Text , you are IT!

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Websites are easy if you have a plan

Welcome to the Dreamweaver development site. Honestly, the only thing you need to build a website is Notepad, knowledge of HTML, CSS, or other web-development language, and a way to post the file to your hosting server either through the provided interface or an FTP upload software.

The advantage of Dreamweaver is that it incorporates almost all of this into a single place and makes it easier to learn HTML and CSS while you build sites using the WYSIWYG editor ability of Dreamweaver.

I know it has already been mentioned, but it is worth mentioning again... is an excellent resource to begin learning how to code websites. Once you have mastered the basics, it is just a matter of learning more and more advanced techniques.

Transfer from old site into Dreamweaver

How do I transfer my old website... about 100 pages that was built in Net Objects Fusion into Dreamweaver CS5.5.  I have figured out how to open one html file at a time but I was looking to transfer the entire site into CS5.5.  Can I do this with my type of site?? is the site and as I said it is about 100 pages long

no problem.

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Online Training

The best website for training is they have a massive amount of easy to use info

This is the best advise you will get for a Helpfull Resource

When I was learning Dreamweaver CS3 I found Garrick Chow's "Adobe Dreamwever CS3 Hands on Training book (which includes exercises and a training video)to be one of the most helpful books out there. I have since upgraded to DW cs5, and still find myself referencing his book all the time. P122 CSS Selector,  was the key to my understanding those pesky things. Chapter 12 lesson 2, really help me increase my efficiency by showing me how to edit my html tags in design view vs code view.  Of course it is an outdated version, but he has not made a book for cs5 so to this day, I reference this one all the time. If you are going to buy it, I recommend you go to the book store and just thumb through it first to kind of see what it has got. Keep in mind things like setting up your site definition have really changed in the updated version of dw but it is still a good book and has served me well, I wish someone had told me about the book when I first started. It would have made my life a lot simpler.  The book has 21 chapters. It is best to do 1 chapter a day and then stop. Otherwise you get data overload. If you work the exercises like that, in a little over 2 weeks you will have learned a pretty good understanding of working in dw. I don't know if you can get a trial version of cs3 from adobe now or not, but if you can that would be helpful to have while you are doing the lessons in the book. I wrote Garrick Chow, It is my understanding from his response that they do training now more through, which I like ok, however to me having a book and a video is much more helpful. But that sign of the times. It is my understanding he does not intend to do another book like this one for cs5 though I very much wish he would. Any persuasion you can do toward that, would be greatly appreciated. So if you like the book, please write him an ask him to do another one for cs5.


Good morning. Adobe Dw is great. After you spend some time studing thier training videos, you will love it. To find the training video launch your adobe dreamweaver program. You see a column labeled "Top Features" undernieth you will see the top 5 videos and a folder labeled more. Click on the more button and explore. If you want to just try playing arond do this to get a blank page. Launch Adobe Dreamweaver, under the column labeled "Create New" click HTML. adobe gives you a couple of view options. you can work in code view or design view if you are just starting design view is easiest. So up on the top left corner find the button that reads "Design" and click on that. That will give you a blan sheet to play around with. But if you are new spend some time studing first, Thier are some great free videos out there try goung to main site and look under the training tab. Don't get discourage. There is  great free help out here, I promise. Just keep at it. You will get it

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