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Turning off CSS

by Vaiaata on July 8, 2012 Avg Rating 4.0 (7)   |   Log in to rate post.

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For a decade Dreamweaver allowed me to successfully build and maintain a website. It was intuitive and simple to use. That all stopped with the new version. I have tried but cannot even begin to understand CSS. It has made my life a misery - every time I alter a font asking for new information and doing strange and unpredictable things to text in other paragraphs.


Please modify dreamweaver in such a way that it is possible to turn off CSS.

Detailed description

 My website is important to me as a composer. It has brought in the majority of my commissions on which I depend for my livelihood. Because of my issues with the new version my website mainenance has ground to a halt. perhaps the old version of Deamweaver was less capable. But it was more intuitive. I am busy at what I do - composing music. I have not got weeks ot months to spare to learn new techniques. I have tried so hard to understand CSS and makeit work for me but I have made no progress at all. The only solution I can see is to release a simpler WYSIWYG version resmbling the old Dreamweaver.

Please do this! The new version of Dreamweaver is destroying my career.


Tagged with Safari 4 , Margin , Border , Font , Text , Width/Height , Background

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You bought a program - now buy a book

I had the same problem, so I bought a book or two on the subject.
Try a copy of Stunning CSS3 by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater. Helped me a lot!

Not a complete solution but...

When you are changing the font, colour etc. on your text, I assume you are doing it in the Properties panel (usually positioned at the bottom of the screen) where you can select HTML or CSS properties to look at?  You are correct in that it now forces you to use CSS properties to change many of these items.

My suggestion is, when changing these CSS properties on an element, make sure you select "<New Inline Style>" in the Targeted Rule drop down.  This forces Dreamweaver to apply the changes you make just to the current element you are editing (similar to how you used to be able to do with just HTML properties) and stops it from automatically writing a new CSS rule which might then be applied to other object.

Give it a try and see how you get on.


I bought DW 5.5 to rejuvenate my web skills. Problems are so abundant with CSS that I cannot get anything done after four months of intensive study of the ridiculous coding sequences required to use CSS. You can't ask for help because at every corner you encounter new errors. I take snippets of code from one tutorial and insert it into a page and it works until I try to make my own insertion, at which point it breaks everything. What I hate most is that when you do ask for help you always get a smart-ass know-it-all that gives directions exactly like a local giving directions to a tourist- always followed by "you can't miss it" or it's easy. 12 years ago I got my degree in multimedia and learned how to code with Flash through much difficulty. Coding is always the breaking point for web development! Good lord but I detest it!!


Code rewriting can be turned off in the preferences pane.

This hasn't changed since CSS started to dominate layouts.


I agree completely.

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