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Adobe Connect Webinar Series : How to use brain science to improve your virtual training

August 06, 2014 |

In the past, we had to wait for people to experience accidents or die in order to understand what does what in the brain. In the past decade, modern technology such as functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI, electroencephalography EEG, and positron emission tomography PET have dramatically increased our understanding of the brain. We now know more about the way our brains process information and ultimately remember it.

Join this session to find out how to apply principles from cognitive neuroscience, the field that studies the link between the brain and memory, so you can provide virtual trainings with lasting impact. Specifically, you will learn how the following principles convert to guidelines you can apply to your own training immediately:
• Habituation leads to less attention. This means that as people get used to a specific stimulus, they pay less and less attention to it. The mistake many virtual presenters make is to leave a stimulus unchanged e.g., show a slide for minutes at a time. This has bad consequences in virtual presentations because attention paves the way to memory. Learn several techniques to draw attention to increase the likelihood that your audiences remember your presentation.
• Attention is based on three components: what we sense, what we know, and what we can infer. For example, if lighting is dim, we still perceive bananas as yellow and plums as purple. We do not perceive simply in terms of what is out there in the world. We perceive in terms of the expectations we bring to our interactions with the world. Learn several ways to use this principle to sustain attention and improve recall.
• The deeper the level of processing, the higher the probability for long-term memory. Progressive order for depth of processing is physical, phonological, and semantic. Learn what these terms mean and how you can implement them during your next virtual presentation to deliver a memorable event.

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