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Adobe Connect Webinar Series : How Webinars Move Customers Through the Sales Cycle

August 07, 2014 |

With 70% of B2B customers preferring to do their research on line before wanting to speak to a live salesperson, and realizing that it's a myth to think all webinar attendees are "sales ready" to buy now, I'll use examples from the above Webinar Effectiveness example and other customer results, to explore how webinars help move the prospect through next series of toll gates in their decision process and how the content in a webinar should be aligned to match the buyers journey.

Using 6 Key KPI's to Ensure Predictable Outcomes Producing and hosting successful webinars that effectively impact the bottom line means using metrics to know when you're on target, when you're not, and what to do about it. We can get under the hood and use examples from Webinar Effectiveness, & How Webinars Move Customers Through the Next Series of Toll Gates in Their Decision Process to illustrate what and how these 6 key webinar metrics can be used to create and drive actionable intelligence BEFORE - use daily tracking metrics to profile registrants and adjust your strategy to ensure predictable outcomes, DURING e.g., use of online polling to measure engagement and AFTER the webinar e.g., using these KPI's as actionable intelligence to help better identify/segment sales ready from leads that either need more nurturing or aren't qualified.

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