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Uploads by JScavitto UCII

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ASP.Net UserControl Translator

Parses the page looking for ASP.NET user controls to render the content of the control in DW’s Design View.


By JScavitto UCII 16-Dec-03 5,604 downloads

Rating = 4


Win | Mac
2.7 KB

UltraDev Shopping Cart II

The UltraDev Shopping Cart II package will help you quickly build e-commerce applications in Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.


By JScavitto UCII 26-Jul-01 64,441 downloads

Rating = 4


Win | Mac

UltraCart Patch for UD4

Patch for the Powerclimb Cart Version 1.2 (ASP Model Only)


By JScavitto UCII 21-Mar-01 11,900 downloads

Rating = 3


Win | Mac
22.4 KB

Force Users Connection

Using this server behavior will force a connection to go into either mode that you specify (secured https or unsecured http).


By JScavitto UCII 03-Feb-01 6,945 downloads

Rating = 3


Win | Mac
4.7 KB

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