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Uploads by pete_freitag

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RSS & ATOM Feed Parser

Give it the URL of an RSS or ATOM feed, and it will give you a ColdFusion query containing it's contents.


By pete_freitag 14-Feb-07 downloads

Rating = 1

Image Resize UDF by Foundeo

Image resizer to resize or scale JPG or PNG files. No install just cfinclude our library, and call the function.


By pete_freitag 16-Jan-06 downloads

Rating = 3

Email Verifier

Performs several checks on an email address including syntax, dns MX lookup, domain validation, mail server validation.


By pete_freitag 07-Mar-03 downloads

Rating = 3


Email Verifier - Validation UDF

Email Verifier can perform several checks against an email address including syntax, dns MX lookup, top level domain name va...


By pete_freitag 31-Jan-03 3,297 downloads

Rating = 3


ActivEdit 3.0 WYSIWYG HTML Editor

A web browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor. Replaces a textarea with a rich editor with lots of programmable options. The latest


By pete_freitag 30-Jan-03 3,811 downloads

Rating = 4


ActivEdit Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Replace boring textareas with a Rich WYSIWYG HTML Editor.


By pete_freitag 19-Nov-02 4,385 downloads

Rating = 3


Win | Unix | Linux


ActivEdit is a Browser Based WYSIWYG editor for web-based Content Management developers. It's an ActiveX DHTML editing compo...


By pete_freitag 30-Aug-02 3,408 downloads

Rating = 4



A tag that uses the Google Search Web API to perform a query on the Google Search Engine and return a result set. The CFX ta...


By pete_freitag 07-Jun-02 3,653 downloads

Rating = 3


Performs XSLT Transformations on XML with XSL Style Sheets. CFX_XSLT Is a Cold Fusion Java CFX tag for executing XSL Transf...


By pete_freitag 30-May-02 3,317 downloads

Rating = 0

ColdFusion Spell Checker

Product allows ColdFusion developers to build custom front ends (or use the supplied front end) for checking spelling...


By pete_freitag 22-May-02 3,837 downloads

Rating = 3



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