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ColdFusion Extension

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By Nate Weiss November 14, 2002

Rating = 32 votes

1) Provides a consistent way to get a list of Form, URL, Cookie, and/or Client variable/parameter names. Rather than dealing with #Form.FIELDNAMES# for form fields, GetClientVariablesList for client variables, and so on, you can just use this tag to get available variables from the scope(s) you choose. 2) Provides an easy way to "pass" variables, either from one scope to another or within the same scope. For instance, Form variables can easily be passed as hidden fields, or "converted" to URL parameters for you. 3) Provides an easy way to output variables and their corresponding values onto the current page--for debugging purposes, etc. 4) Provides a one-step way to send an email message that contains the contents of form fields, url parameters, normal CF variables, etc.

Not available


License: Shareware
Cost: Free
OS: Not available
File format: ZIP | 10.7 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Nate Weiss
Author website: Not available
Date published: November 14, 2002
Approval: None
Browsers: Not available
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion All
Encrypted: No


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