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ColdFusion Extension

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By Matt Perry September 19, 2000

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CF_PayByCheck is a ColdFusion tag that enables i-Check Merchants to easily implement i-Check functionality into their store with very little programming knowledge. CF_PayByCheck also makes integrating i-Check into your e-commerce application very customizable to the existing look and feel of your site and enables you to do additional processing upon the completion of a successful transaction. This can be very useful for maintaining personal records of transactions that take place at your site. Becomming an i-Check Merchant is quick and simple, visit

Not available


License: Shareware
Cost: Free
OS: Not available
File format: ZIP | 8.3 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Matt Perry
Author website:
Date published: September 19, 2000
Approval: None
Browsers: Not available
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion All
Encrypted: No


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