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ColdFusion Rules

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Generic calendar (Spectra rule)

By nimer February 04, 2002

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This calendar Rule will allow you to place a calendar on a page. With each cell populated by objects from a single objectType using any searchable date property to determine where an object should go, including the system dates. It will then format each object in the proper date cell using any method you choose.. Note: This Rule requires the <CFX_ISOCalendar> tag, which can be found in this gallery.

Not available


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: Not available
File format: ZIP | 9.2 KB

Additional extension information

Author: nimer
Author website: Not available
Date published: February 04, 2002
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer 5,4 | Netscape 4.5,4
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion 4.5
Encrypted: No


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