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ColdFusion Spell Checker

By pete_freitag May 22, 2002

Rating = 32 votes

Spell Checker allows ColdFusion developers to build custom front ends (or use the supplied front end) for checking spelling in web applications. The Spell Checker allows you to Pass in a word, or paragraph of words, and it will check the spelling of all the words, and return a data structure of misspelled words, and their suggestions. The spell checking is done server side Via a CFX Tag written in Java, so there are no Java Applets, or ActiveX controls to deal with. The example spell checker interface provided is written in HTML and JavaScript and works on 4+ browsers.

Not available

Additional extension information

Author: pete_freitag
Author website:
Date published: May 22, 2002
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion MX 7 , MX 6.1 , MX , 5
Encrypted: No


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