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TimePicker 1.0

By zSoft March 01, 2003

Rating = 438 votes

<table width=98% cellpadding=2 border=1 bgcolor="ffffff" style="font:Menu;color:black;"> <tr> <td align="center"><h4>TimePicker 1.0</h4></td> </tr> <tr> <td> ONE CLICK - universal Time picker for all occassions. Just move to the desired hour, and then click on the AM or PM to indicate time of the day. It is JUST ONE CLICK!. See for your self on the animation below. <br><br> <br><hr> 1. Use it inside a form, to create input option that accepts the time value from control or user typed. <center> <table style="font:menu;"> <th>Start Time: <br> <img src="" alt="" border="0"> NO border style: <img src="" alt="" border="0"> </td> </table> </center> </td> </tr> <tr><td style=background-color:steelblue;color:white;> <strong>Parameters:</strong> </td></tr> <tr><td> <br> <font color="maroon"><b>Action</b></font> - Required. To enable any page to use this control, use this parameter, usualy in <head><font color="maroon"><CF_TimePick Action="Add"></font></head> <br>USE IT ONLY ONCE IN A PAGE/Scope. <hr> <font color="maroon"><b>FieldName</b></font> - indicates name of form filed to be created. <hr> <br> <font color="maroon"><b>Position</b></font> - set the position where the control will popup in page. There are 8 possible possitions 1-8, to display the pop up in relation to the TimePicker control. <br><br> <table style=font:menu; border=1> <tr><td width="40">6</td><td width="40">5</td><td width="40">4</td></tr> <tr><td>7</td><td bgcolor="menu">control</td><td>3</td></tr> <tr><td>8</td><td>1 (default)</td><td>2</td></tr> </table> <hr> <br> <font color="maroon"><b>Border</b></font> - values" Yes ( default) or No. <br><br> <img src="" alt="" border="0"> <hr> <br> <font color="maroon"><b>Value</b></font> - loads control with a value. <hr> <br> <font color="maroon"><b>IMGPath</b></font> - path where the Control images are. <br>Default is 'img/' as in the demo. <hr> <br> <font color="maroon"><b>Class</b></font> - name of CSS class to format control. <br>Default is 'img/' as in the demo. <hr> </td></tr> </table>

Not available


License: Shareware
Cost: Free
OS: Not available
File format: ZIP | 46.2 KB

Additional extension information

Author: zSoft
Author website:
Date published: March 01, 2003
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 | Netscape 6
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion MX , 5 , 4.5
Encrypted: No


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duluthmn 12-Nov-09 Rating = 1

The cost says it is free, and you are led to believe by downloading, you can get the extension, but in reality, it only has the instructions in the download of the zip file, and you need to purchase at a site, that is not functioning. So, I am led to believe, there is no valid extension anymore.

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