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Advanced Query Wizard

By Advanced Extensions March 17, 2003

Rating = 391 votes

The Advanced Query Wizard helps you create complex SQL statements quickly and easily. Whether you have no database experience or you are the database administrator, the Advanced Query Wizard streamlines the process of creating and modifying recordsets. With thousands of loyal users, the Advanced Query Wizard leverages and increases the capabilities of Dreamweaver MX in producing dynamic, data-driven web sites.

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UI Access:
Not available


License: Commercial
Cost: $99.95
OS: Win
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Advanced Extensions
Author website:
Date published: March 17, 2003
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | WebTV
Required product(s): Not available
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver MX 2004 , 6.1 , MX
Server environment: Not available


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Dad Keaney 26-Dec-12 Rating = 1

Looks like they're out of business.

pro2b 28-Dec-08 Rating = 1

Bought the extension and loved it. When I went to reinstall it upon upgrading my version of Dreamweaver, I came to find out they are no longer supporting the extension and their website it down. Very upsetting!

rdilipk1 03-Sep-08 Rating = 1

The URL is incorrect and leads to a page that is full of sponsored links. Please change the URL or, else the extension would never be located.

ChrisCharlton 10-Jan-08 Rating = 4

A powerful editor. I wish it was available for Mac also.

NOTE: the author URL seems to be incorrect.

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