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IMS CharacterGenerator Studio

By IMSStudio March 26, 2003

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The IMS CharacterGenerator StudioTM product is a companion multimedia-authoring product created specifically for Macromedia Director MX developers. This product allows its users to easily incorporate 3D talking characters as part of any multimedia presentation that can be created with Macromedia Director. Talking characters created with IMS CharacterGenerator StudioTM can be integrated as part of any interactive learning application on DVD or CD-ROM, become a web site host, an interactive virtual character as part of a Kiosk system, or be used to create targeted marketing messages



License: Commercial
Cost: $449.00
OS: Win
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: IMSStudio
Author website:
Date published: March 26, 2003
Approval: None
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer 6,5.5,5 | Netscape 7,6.2,6,4.75,4.7,4.5,4
Compatible Products(s): Director MX , 8.5.1 , 8.5
Encrypted: No


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