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VideoSprite Xtra

By Tab Julius April 02, 2003

Rating = 31 votes

The VideoSprite Xtra v3.0 lets you render video live in Director as a true sprite, complete with advanced features like alpha masking (blend to the background!) and chroma filtering (make certain colors in the video signal transparent to the background)! Version 3.0 adds support for many more cards, particularly ATI, and also adds TV tuning, so you can bring in different channels (if your card supports TV tuning). Works with dedicated capture cards, USB, or firewire. Plus, since it's a true sprite, you can overlay other sprites on top of the video signal, and finally you can do single frame capture! Now with support for most video cards and TV signal tuning! By Penworks Corporation - developers of custom Xtras, video solutions, systems and multimedia engineering + software architecture.

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License: Commercial
Cost: $289.00
OS: Win
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Tab Julius
Author website: Not available
Date published: April 02, 2003
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer 6,5.5,5 | Netscape 7,6.2,6,4.75,4.7
Compatible Products(s): Director MX , 8.5.1 , 8.5 , 8 , 7.0.2 , 7.0.1 , 7 , 6.5 , 6.0.2 , 6 , 5
Encrypted: No


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