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By MattRobertson April 15, 2003

Rating = 469 votes

GridMonger is a sophisticated, searchable add/edit/delete/view grid application. Just specify a few parameters for a nearly instant solution.<br><br> Unencrypted, free and loaded with features, GridMonger is comparable to tools costing hundreds of dollars. <br><br> <ul> <LI>Spreadsheet/Grid-style tool has combined next/previous, first/last and page-by-page navigation. <LI>Directly supports Access, SQL Server, mySQL and Oracle. <LI>Edit, add or delete records, singly or a screenful at a time. <li>Integrated (and included) WYSIWYG editor for registered users. <LI>Shut off unwanted features easily. <LI>Sort, re-sort columns on the fly in ascending or descending order. <LI>Optionally provide a limited grid view and an expanded, full-screen view with more fields. <LI>Search on any column (exact and inexact matches allowed). <LI>Vary rows displayed onscreen with a mouse click. <LI>Use normal text, textarea and drop-down form inputs. <LI> Submitted data can be validated against a regular expression and/or simply marked as 'required'. <LI>Calculated column support. <LI>Select which fields can or can't be edited. <LI>Call custom templates (conditionally if you like), include fields in query output that are not displayed, enter default data automatically, display custom items conditionally. <LI>Plug in custom code includes that fire both before and after both inserts and (or) updates (you can specify a separate template for operation). <LI>Fields can be live anchor (A HREF=... ) links. <LI>Uses cfqueryparam for <B>best practice security.</B> <LI>Integrated with the <a href="" target="_blank">PaletteMonger</a> popup color picker. <LI>Handy Demo Mode allows normal behavior but ignores edits. <LI>Smart structure allows many grids to reside on a single site -- or even a single page -- without code replication. <LI>Limited support for joined tables. <LI>Formatting masks for date, time, date/time, DollarFormat and boolean fields for easier viewing. <LI>Customizable colors selected via simple parameters. <LI>Comes with style sheet, sample graphics and layered original PSD files. <LI>Uses client management for persistence. No session management required. <LI>Comes with sample Access and mySQL data files, with instructions on where to get more sample apps at the site. <LI><EM><B>... And its free!</B></EM></LI></UL> <br><br><p><b>In this revision:</b> The most updated version of GridMonger, found in <a href="">GridBuilder</a>, is now freely available. Many new features! See the website for details.<br><br> <p>Keywords: add/edit/delete, grid, cfgrid, data-grid, data grid, wysiwyg</p>

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Author: MattRobertson
Author website:
Date published: April 15, 2003
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion All
Encrypted: No


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Selim rana shelly 10-Apr-11 Rating = 5

Dear Sir/Madam,

Yes,i am waiting for team works and publish Philosophy about Astronomy(deep/advance)

Selim Rana Shelly

Selim rana shelly 03-Feb-09 Rating = 1

To.Prime Minister Shake Hassina,
Bangladesh Govt.
My Dear Sister,Prime Minister,
I need team works about astronomy[advance].It is important.I am sure my learn[philosophy]is true and science.I need help.I am waiting.
Selim Rana Shelly.
[Very simple a your people]
A/140.Savar bazar road.Savar,Dhaka.1340.Bangladesh

MattScrnNam 05-Jan-08 Rating = 5

All of the other reviews are from the old system when it was just for 1-5 star rating only.

I4F 29-Dec-07 Rating = 5 - Extensions and components for Flash. Professional, top-quality, royalty-free icons using extension architecture!

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