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Director Sound/Video

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By antoineschmitt June 16, 2003

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The asFFT Xtra computes a power spectrum using a FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on the live input sound samples. You can select the input source from the standard system utilities, or from lingo. You can select the number of bins (frequency bands) and the timesmooth of the computation. You can also access the sound samples directly. You can access the instant sound volume. You can retrieve the raw frequencies or have them grouped in an equalizer mode. You can have the values proportional to the volume (normalized). The sample rate is always 44100 Hz. Shockwave-safe and autodownloadable.



License: Try/Buy
Cost: $66.00
OS: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: antoineschmitt
Author website:
Date published: June 16, 2003
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL
Compatible Products(s): Director MX , 8.5.1 , 8.5 , 8 , 7.0.2 , 7.0.1 , 7 , 11 , MX 2004
Encrypted: No


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