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QuickForms 1.0.2 Extension

By November 10, 2003

Rating = 433 votes

This is a suite that includes an Advanced Textfield & Tooltip & GlowButton & EnterSubmit & KeyScroller. <br><br> NOTE: VERSION 1.0.2 HAS UPDATE TO... <B>CUSTOMIZE COLORS</B>, ALLOW ALL A.S. COMMANDS TO WORK BETTER, AND ALLOWS THE KEYSCROLLER TO SNAP INTO A SCROLLPANE.<BR><BR> The Textfield is a graphically advanced, easy to use textfield.<br> The Tooltip is an easy to use tooltip component that allows you to easily create tooltips.<br> The GlowButton is a glowing button that is easily customized, and provides a better UI for your users.<br> The EnterSubmit is a component that easily allows a function to be called when the user presses Enter (just like in an html form), if they aren't in a multiline text field.<br> The KeyScroller is a component that easily allows horizontal & vertical scrolling in a scrollpane when arrow keys are pressed. <br> <br> All items are customizable via the component interface, or via Actionscript.<br> For more information on all Actionscript Functions for these components,<br> see the Reference Panel under QuickForms 1.0, where there is detailed info.<br> <br> These components are very helpful for anyone who designs flash forms. <br><br><br> Created by N G Rohler. Email: All rights reserved.

Created by N G Rohler. Support Email: All rights reserved.

UI Access:
When installed, you will find this item in the Components panel under   QuickForms 1.0.


License: Donation
Cost: Free
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 70.3 KB

Additional extension information

Author website:
Date published: November 10, 2003
Approval: Basic
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | WebTV
Required product(s): Flash MX
Compatible product(s): Flash MX Professional 2004 , MX 2004 , MX


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