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ColdFusion Extension

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NeXTensio ColdFusion

By InterAKT Online January 23, 2004

Rating = 48 votes

NeXTensio uses a tight integration with Dreamweaver MX, automating code generation and editing. Using it you will be able to create a website administration section within minutes! Some features: - Automated database introspection (detect tables and their columns, avoiding manual insertion). - Link related tables in the same form for master/detail editing - Edit instantly the already created forms, by introspecting the generated code and allowing field add, update or remove - Multiple widget type in the generated forms – dynamic menu, checkbox, radiobuttons, textareas, HTML editor. Available triggers: check form post information consistency (UniVAL), send mail after registration, cascaded deletes, check related table value, upload and delete related file triggers and custom triggers. The NeXTensio lists and forms can be generated for both the PHP_MySQL and PHP_ADODB (PHAkt2) and ColdFusion server models (presuming that you have the corresponding ImpAKT2 version). You are advised to use this distribution with the ColdFusion Server Model.

We provide free support on the product site. You can reach our support engineers by email at:


License: Commercial
Cost: $89.00
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 579.7 KB

Additional extension information

Author: InterAKT Online
Author website: Not available
Date published: January 23, 2004
Approval: None
Browsers: Netscape ALL
Compatible Products(s): Dreamweaver MX 2004 , 6.1 , MX
Encrypted: No


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