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Chrome Lib set of 3D behaviors

By Newt99 May 14, 2004

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With the Chrome Lib, graphic artists and interactive designers are empowered to create FX and interactive scenes by themselves, without the need to resort to programming. One of the basic feature is to build a scene from several different W3Ds or to load animation only W3Ds to add new motions to a character in a W3D scene. Thereafter, they can use another behavior to play these animations when the user presses a given key. The Chrome Lib has also been designed to help Shockwave 3D developers tap into the potential of the engine. The Chrome Lib makes for the lack of 3D timeline in Director to interpolate transforms or tween material properties such as the emissive color or the blend level. * Complete Integration of Flash: You can communicate both ways between your Flash UI and Shockwave 3D * Greater flexibility in the selection of shaders. You can either: - affect a selected shader - affect all shaders of a selected model - affect all shaders in the scene Check <b>Chrome Lib 4.0</b> on <a href="" target="_blank"><u></u></a> for even more features and new behaviors !

Behavior tooltips are commented extensively Go to the Chrome Lib homepage: or directly to the Chrome Lib support page:


License: Shareware
Cost: Free
OS: Win | Mac
File format: ZIP | 500.3 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Newt99
Author website:
Date published: May 14, 2004
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL
Compatible Products(s): Flash 8 , MX Professional 2004 , MX 2004 , MX , 5
Encrypted: No


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