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Zoom Search Engine

By wrensoft September 23, 2005

Rating = 467 votes

Zoom Search Engine

Zoom is a package that adds a custom search engine to your website in a matter of minutes. It provides fast and powerful full-text search, and is the most customizable and easy-to-use solution available. There are no complicated server-side setup procedures, just index and upload from your Windows computer. Features include: "Google-like" context descriptions, wildcard and exact phrase searching, spider & offline indexing modes, graphical search statistics reports, and more. Supports PHP, ASP, Javascript or CGI. Zoom is free for small websites (no ads!). Professional Editions are available for larger/commercial websites and also supports searching DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT and other file formats. For more information, visit our website:

Our support page is at: You can also contact us by email at

UI Access:
Run this command from the Dreamweaver menu: "Commands" > "Index Site with Zoom Search Engine" For help and instructions, select: "Commands" > "How to create a Search Page for your Site"


License: Try/Buy
Cost: $49.00
OS: Win
File format: MXP | 5.3 MB

Additional extension information

Author: wrensoft
Author website:
Date published: September 23, 2005
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Google Chrome | Internet Explorer 7,6,5.5,5 | Mozilla 3.0,2.0,1.0 | Netscape 9,8,7 | Opera ALL | Safari 3.0
Required product(s): Dreamweaver MX
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS3, 8, MX 2004, MX, CS4
Server environment: ASP VBScript | ASP.NET C# | Other | PHP MySQL


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midwest14 21-Apr-13 Rating = 5

Out of all the search box programs and coding out there, this one is very easy to use and looks great. If I could afford to, I would buy the pro version. Must have! 03-Mar-10 Rating = 5

I cannot imagine anyone not loving this extension.Rarely do I ever try a free version of a product and within minutes go purchase the full version. This extension has made my life so much easier. It's simple to use and works exactly as it should. You really can't go wrong this ZoomSearch. I only wish Wrensoft made more products. Try it out - you'll really be glad you did.

Jakob.D 27-May-09 Rating = 5

I've been using this excellent software for about 2 years now. It works very well and is more powerful than you would expect. I have to address the previous reviewer's comment: it seems odd to rate it down when it's clearly stated for Windows (right next to the Download button!). The indexing process runs on a Windows machine, but the search engine itself can be hosted on any web server (I run it on a Linux/Apache server). The indexer is an exe for good reason -- at it's full capacity it can index millions of files, and the features they offer (eg multi-threading) can't be done with simple scripts. The company stands behind their product and are very responsive (check out their forums). I would not hesitate to recommend them.

LWAA 25-May-09 Rating = 1

only available as an exe -- this would worry me if I were a windows user. As a mac user, it's something I won't touch.

farrelldoc 15-Mar-09 Rating = 5

This search is better than I thought it would be and functions better than the search I've seen on many large commercial sites (that shall remain nameless). Set up was easy, though it does take some setting up if you want a great search. I love the statistics, especially the reporting tool that installs on the server from the Extras folder. The category search and recommended links are great. I have mine set up to spider and index weekly and automatically upload the files. I did go in to Bridge and add metadata to most of my images to make them index better, but that was a snap and something I should have done a long time ago anyway. I just can't say enough about this tool. It is well worth the cost. (I'm running the Professional version on on DW CS4 on

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