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Jigsaw Puzzle

By aFrog January 28, 2005

Rating = 411 votes

Jigsaw Puzzle

This useful gig is a Macromedia Flash MX 2004 UI Component packed as Extension by Unlike most other jigsaw puzzle applications for Flash, Jigsaw Puzzle v2.1 recognizes the neighbor pieces put near in right direction and then groups them. This makes the game more real and more fascinating. With this easy to use and customizable tool you can build your own puzzles that can be published for on-line web gaming or compiled as desktop applications. JigsawPuzzle v2.1 is developed with ActionScript 2.0 and extends Macromedia Flash MX's UIComponent class. The component renders any symbol in the library marked as Export for Actionscript accessing the symbol with its Linkage Identifier. So preparing jigsaw puzzles is as easy as providing the component with the Linkage Identifier of the picture symbol. You can also adjust the piece division (4 up to 144) and rotation ability of pieces by setting parameters using Flash's Properties inspector or Component Inspector panels. Methods, properties and events supported by JigsawPuzzle component allow advanced Flash users adjust all of the parameters even at runtime. You can check the samples and documentation to see if application meets your needs. The license is developer license and includes unlimited uses for unlimited sites built by the developer. A full functional free version with a small brand notice is available. Any use of the free version is accepted while the notice remains intact.


UI Access:
Components > someFrogs > JigsawPuzzle


License: Try/Buy
Cost: $48.00
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 75.9 KB

Additional extension information

Author: aFrog
Author website:
Date published: January 28, 2005
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL
Action Scripts: AS 2.0
Required product(s): Flash All
Compatible product(s): Flash 8, MX Professional 2004, MX 2004


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