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Total Menu

By June 23, 2008

Rating = 3156 votes

Total Menu

We are offering you a universal menu tool where you can customize practically any parameter. More than 1600 variants are possible, not taking into account all color and transparency variations. Parameters of the sub menu buttons can be customized independently of the main menu buttons. You will also appreciate simplicity of the "Total menu": it takes changing only one parameter to turn a horizontal menu into a vertical one! Total menu features: - Horizontal or vertical menus - Sub menu - Unlimited text length - Unlimited amount of main and one level sub buttons - Any font - Special symbols support - Color menu settings including transparency levels - - Background color - - Background gradient colors - - Border color - - Emboss color - - Buttons separator color - - Text color, rollover text color, press text color - - Rollover bar color - - Rollover bar gradient colors - Independent color settings for main and sub menus Setting main and sub menus' appearance - - Buttons width - - Buttons height - - Emboss on/off - - On click or roll over expands submenu - - Equal max buttons width - - Buttons separator on/off - - Round corners radius - - Text indent - - Text font - - Text bold - - Text size - - Text align - Custom buttons actions - - getUrl - - loadMovie - - gotoAndStop - - gotoAndPlay - - Your click handler with transfer of parameter - Import background pictures - Import button sounds independent for main and sub menus - Button sounds volume - Easy to use - Online user-friendly XML configuration file creator or CustomUI - Small file sizes (less than 10 KB including XML configuration file) --- For SWF Object --- The Total Menu is made in Flash but it does not require Flash to be customized. You can use almost any HTML editor to insert our menu in a web page and adopt it to your needs. Total Menu is a simple Flash file (swf file), that can be customized by editing a configuration file (XML file) that must be placed in the same directory as the menu, so you can customize the menu using any text editor. Warning! the file should be saved as "menu.xml", always in UTF-8 encoding. In case you experience difficulties in changing the configuration file, for your convenience we have developed the "Total Menu XML creator", which you can access on our website --- For SWF Object --- --- For MXP Component --- Starting the Work. To start working with the component simply drag its copy onto the Stage and specify menu properties. For high quality motion our menu usually requires high fps values. In our component we used fps = 21 --- For MXP Component --- As a limitation in the free version of the menu: - Small ad in the top right corner (height 7px - very small). - You do not receive the source file. You can purchase the full version from, you will get the full version + fla source file + no ad.


UI Access:
Not available

Additional extension information

Author website:
Date published: June 23, 2008
Approval: None
Browsers: AOL | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Action Scripts: AS 2.0
Required product(s): Flash Professional CS3
Compatible product(s): Flash Professional CS3, 8, MX Professional 2004, MX 2004, MX, Professional CS5, Professional CS4


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SLowery82 21-Jul-11 Rating = 1

Not freeware. Not at all.

bitterxend 10-Aug-08 Rating = 5

Come on people, is a 7px text ad all that bad? It's a relatively small price to pay for what (I'm assuming) is a great piece of Flash work!

Diallo 29-Jun-08 Rating = 2

Definately not freeware. Doing a service as free means not advertising within with the ability to purchase a full version.. Freeware is by definition, free.

Kareem_Adobe 22-Mar-08 Rating = 2

i agree with "dsinacola " free wares shouldn't have referrings in them at least not visible ones .. this shouldn't be licensed freeware at all

Kaspaas 30-Jan-08 Rating = 3


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