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Rich Internet Application (HaloGreen) Stencil for MS Visio

By dhoule November 20, 2005

Rating = 42 votes

<p>Are you a Coldfusion® or Flex&trade; developer? Have you ever wished there was a fast, easy way to...</p> <p>Create Halo style mockups? Something you could show stakeholders or team members to communicate the layout of a finished form or application without needing to write code? <br /> A way to see where vertical, page, or dividedbox formgroups need to be placed before you write any code? <br /> A stencil that is visually more accurate and true to the Halo style than any other tool, including the Microsoft Windows UI stencils that come with Visio and Dreamweaver 8's Design Mode? <br /> Here&rsquo;s your solution&hellip; the Flash® form & Flex&trade; 1.5 RIA Visio® Stencil, which contains the following 24 drag & drop objects:</p> <p>These Visio® stencil masters allow you to create static mockups for virtually any Flash® form or Flex&trade; 1.5 user interface. The stencil is ideal for communicating layouts and visual workflow to stakeholders before coding begins, as well as providing the Coldfusion® or Flex&trade; developer with an almost exact visual representation of a form or application, prior to coding, that cannot be matched by other existing pre-viz design tools.</p> <p>Shorten your development time and communicate the visual layout of your RIA form based applications quickly and easily with the CFForm & Flex 1.5 RIA Visio Stencil.</p>

Not available


License: Commercial
Cost: $20.00
OS: Win
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: dhoule
Author website:
Date published: November 20, 2005
Approval: None
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer ALL | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | WebTV
Compatible Products(s): Flash 8 , MX Professional 2004 , MX 2004 | Dreamweaver 8 , MX 2004 | ColdFusion MX 7
Encrypted: No


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