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By Mediastork February 23, 2006

Rating = 35 votes

Mediastork is a server application that lets you manage all your media files. Including: Music, Movies, Games & Pictures. Mediastork is the future for your personal media management. It has the ability to store your files and make them available remotely. You can watch and play your files locally & remotely. Complete with a covers feature, mp3 playlist generator. See the features section for more details. Quick Overview Browser Based Add / Edit / Remove Media records IMDB support Thumbnail Generator XBOX support Formats: DVD, AVI, MKV, MPG, ratDVD, OGM, OGG, MP3, SMD, SMC Play content Fullscreen or embedded in the browser Accessible from any remote location Merge multiple media harddrives or removable drives

Not available


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: All
File format: ZIP | 202.2 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Mediastork
Author website:
Date published: February 23, 2006
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer 6
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion MX 7 , MX 6.1 , MX
Encrypted: Yes


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