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WDDXmenu lite

By codeliquid March 30, 2006
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Do you need the ability to update your menu's on the fly via your website ? WDDXmenu is a set of cfm files and components that plug into any website or intranet application that allow you to dynamically create and edit your menu from your website without the need to open Dreamweaver or A.N.Other editor. The menu builder uses WDDX rather than txt files or a database so avoids the messiness of creating yet another datasource to include a 3rd party utility. By using the AddMenuItem page and DeleteItem page you can add/delete menu items sitewide or on any page that calls the menu display component. I have added a quick 'menu settings' file which can be editied in any text editor which allows you to define the link colours, url underline, text size and site url. Because you call the components by doing a CFinclude rather than Cfinvoke(component) this utility can run at all directory levels within your site without the need to have a copy of the code in each directory like some other menu utilities.

For any queries/updates/support issues please email me at

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Author: codeliquid
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Date published: March 30, 2006
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