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ColdFusion Extension

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By raychorn July 31, 2006

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ezAJAX(tm) is a revolutionary new way to code and deploy AJAX Applications using ColdFusion MX 7 and JavaScript. ezAJAX(tm) provides more than 10,000 lines of code in the form of JavaScript and ColdFusion that you do not have to code yourself however you can use all this code for every single ezAJAX(tm) App you code and deploy. ezAJAX(tm) was recently used to code a Semiconductor Wafer Analysis System Prototype - this prototype application was completed in only 2 days with very little coding effort. ezAJAX(tm) comes jam packed with powerful features such as a JavaScript Compiler that allows you to compile and encrypt your JavaScript code prior to being published to keep others from being able to see your valuable JavaScript code. ezAJAX(tm) also has a unique Runtime Licensing System that allows you, the developer, choose which features you wish to enable when you Application is downloaded and installed on your customer's server. This Runtime Licensing System helps you realize more revenue from your hard work because it ensures your ezAJAX(tm) Application can only be installed on one server at a time and only when you are paid for each Runtime License.

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License: Try/Buy
Cost: Free
OS: Win | Unix | Linux
File format: EXE | 1.9 MB

Additional extension information

Author: raychorn
Author website:
Date published: July 31, 2006
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 | Netscape 7 | Opera 6
Compatible Products(s): HomeSite 5.5 | Flash 8 , MX Professional 2004 , MX 2004 , MX | Dreamweaver 8 , MX 2004 , 6.1 , MX | ColdFusion MX 7
Encrypted: Yes


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