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Query 2 Excel XML CFC

By John Souza September 26, 2006

Rating = 52 votes

This is a very simple CFC that takes in queries and pushes them in to an XML format that meets Excel's XML-Speadsheet standard. Therefore, the output variable (or file) can be opened in Excel the same as an xls document. This file format is different from Excel's regular XML support. This CFC was built for speed; minimal error handling is included so that very large queries can be placed in to XML files (which was the original purpose). Some slightly advanced features are offered, for example: an alternate method of converting a query to XML and have the datatype of the database column automatically map to a valid Excel data type.

I have no plans to support this. If anyone finds a problem with it, you can let me know; but I doubt that I will have time to fix it.


License: Open Source
Cost: Free
OS: All
File format: ZIP | 8.8 KB

Additional extension information

Author: John Souza
Author website: Not available
Date published: September 26, 2006
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL
Compatible Products(s): ColdFusion MX 7 , MX 6.1
Encrypted: No


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fstanley 06-Sep-08 Rating = 5

Great stuff I use it all the time. Where did you ever find the time!

adeelmahmood 02-Aug-08 Rating = 5

havent tried it out yet but look pretty good and already gave me some ideas to go along .. so here u go a 5 star rating . good stuff

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