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Photoshop Styles

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Glass / Saran Wrap styles

By Lorne Kwechansky June 14, 2002

Rating = 510 votes

Glass / Saran Wrap styles

I'm tired of all these actions that you just use and never understand how to do it, so I try to stick with styles if possible. These style WILL need tweaking to look like they do in my demo pictures, also note that for the sake of looking good on a 300 x 200 picture the effects are de-scaled to look right. Also note that the set comes with a few different styles of chrome borders for glass objects if you want to use them, it comes with a variety of glass styles that get rid of your object fill so they are transparent and the exact same set that retains fill for you. To get a great effect, duplicate the layers to be shown underneath the glass and apply either a pinch, ripple, sphearize filter to it and then delete all the rest that isn't under the glass, then you will have some distortion and it looks great! Enjoy, and by the way, you can now go as hard on me as you want in the reviews since I'm no longer a first timer here. Thanks.

Just put the file into your Adobe > Presets > Styles Folder


License: Freeware
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: ASL | 125.9 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Lorne Kwechansky
Author website: Not available
Date published: June 14, 2002
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Photoshop 6.x


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Cade Foster 26-Jan-11 Rating = 5

Really nice!

Poimal 08-Aug-10 Rating = 5


Ying@Yuan 04-Jul-09 Rating = 5

why nobody answer my question?

Ying@Yuan 04-Jul-09 Rating = 5

how to use it?

Vision Impact 26-Apr-09 Rating = 5

nice.... thanks a lot.

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