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Photoshop Patterns

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By Phillip Pino June 16, 2002

Rating = 44 votes


The brick image for this tile was automatically generated with the use of an easy free program called Masonry Designer created by the Acme Brick Company. This program will create a high-resolution image of bricks with any color of mortar you want. Hundreds of bricks to choose from. ( I created the tile with the help of the offset filter and rubber stamp.


License: Freeware
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: GIF | 30.7 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Phillip Pino
Author website: Not available
Date published: June 16, 2002
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Photoshop Any


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A. R. 27-Aug-03 Rating = 0

NOT impressive!!!!!!!!!!! I've seeing better on that.

Mixaleena NA 14-May-03 Rating = 0

I don't know about the actual pattern...but that masonry program is awesome! Thanks. Mixee. :)

Kath Larsen 06-Apr-03 Rating = 0

Absolutely Awesome!

Nola Fetters 13-Aug-02 Rating = 0

Seamless and realistic. If you have the time, some other seamless masonry patterns would be great. I have found this background extremely useful.

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