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Photoshop Brushes

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Fences Brushes

By steph-shimerdla March 16, 2006

Rating = 54 votes

Fences Brushes

made up of various types of fences. Includes: wood, iron, ornate, barbed wire, chain link, lattice, picket, etc. Also includes individual posts so that you can

If you're unsure on how to install the brushes, check out my tutorial here:


License: Freeware
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: ZIP | 2.2 MB

Additional extension information

Author: steph-shimerdla
Author website:
Date published: March 16, 2006
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Photoshop 7.x


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Joseph Kendall 21-Mar-08 Rating = 5

Hi Miss Stephanie! Thanks for these...and all other fantastic schtuff new on your site. Hey, I have a request. Don't know if you are ever looking for new ideas, but I'm interested in a set of wrought iron (not just fences, all sorts of scrolly goodies) and old doorknobs w/doorplate...hinges, that sorta thing. Also looking for a set of old worn window frames of all shapes and sizes and antique fireplace mantles, and a set of those french looking simple sketched birds, trees, cafe bistro set, eiffel tower etc. So if you ever think "hey, what can I turn into brushes today?", you're all set! lol Thanks again!!!

Mirelis Alvarez 11-Jun-06 Rating = 0

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Shelby Kate Schmitz 25-Mar-06 Rating = 0

Thank you so much for all your time and effort on these! A wonderful assortment that should cover any fence design need! If I were to think any needed finishing, it would be ever so much easier to finish them myself rather than start from scratch. :)

Jason Marshall 17-Mar-06 Rating = 0

Over all, i really liked all of them. But a couple of them seemed unfinished with the backgrounds.

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