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Adobe AutoComplete Input

By FlexExchangeAdmin September 27, 2006

Rating = 477 votes

The AutoComplete control is an enhanced TextInput control which pops up a list of suggestions to the user based on the characters entered. These suggestions are to be provided by setting the dataProvider property of the control.

Informally supported by Adobe engineering. See the Flex Team blog post:


License: Adobe EULA
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Flash Player 9
File format: ZIP | 919.0 KB

Additional extension information

Author: FlexExchangeAdmin
Author website:
Date published: September 27, 2006
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Flex 2.0


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Jay_Harris 17-Feb-12 Rating = 5

Works perfect for me. Query the webservice on keyup event and set the dataProvider = event.result. I am returning a list of strings from my webservice.

rak042 14-Jul-11 Rating = 3

That blog post is now at

amakely2008 15-Jun-11 Rating = 3

If you're loading the dataprovider from a service, and you're seeing an empty dropdown, you have to add dropdown.dataProvider = value to the dataProvider setter of this component. (Flex 3.5)

brds 13-May-11 Rating = 4

How can i set a variable to be autocomplete .text value when the page loads? I tried using "text="{variableName}" during the declaration of the component, but it still loads blank :(

Ansury 07-Dec-10 Rating = 4

So this will be an official component in the next Flex SDK release, yes? (It should be! After any issues are fixed...)

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