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Trio Solutions ASP Rating

By Developers4Web November 10, 2006

Rating = 5459 votes

Trio Solutions ASP Rating

TSAspRating is rating system packed as Dreamweaver extension. It allows inserting a simple and original rating system for your web pages. The rating system uses Ajax, you don't need to reload the page when voting.

Support Service: You can check the demo,FAQ and the help page online.

UI Access:
TSAspRating will be accessible through the menu "Insert => Trio Solutions Rating => Insert Asp Rating".<br> A form will appear allowing the selection of the images. The rating has five selection levels. You can use the same image for all levels or select a different image for each one. For each image there are three statuses, the checked image, the unchecked image, and the rollover image. You can insert many ratings as you want in a single page. Please, remember to set write permissions for the folder "/TSAspRating/var" on your web server. This step is required in order to save the rating values. Usually you can do this through your FTP client or your hosting control panel. You can ask your hosting support or ask us to know how to set write permissions if you don't know about it.


License: Commercial
Cost: $9.90
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 61.8 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Developers4Web
Author website:
Date published: November 10, 2006
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Internet Explorer 7,6,5.5 | Mozilla 2.0,1.0 | Netscape 9,8,7 | Opera 8,7,6,5
Required product(s): Dreamweaver MX
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS3, 8, MX 2004, 6.1, MX, CS4
Server environment: ASP VBScript


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Will C 01-May-12 Rating = 1

I lik eit

racheall 22-Jul-09 Rating = 5

I have both the ASP and PHP versions of this script. The PHP version is easier to use since it’s easier to set write permissions in PHP servers than in ASP servers but despite that both versions work fine.

again again 04-Jan-08 Rating = 1


Hottie Jackie 04-Jan-08 Rating = 1


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