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Adobe Docking ToolBar

By FlexExchangeAdmin January 20, 2007

Rating = 516 votes

The docking toolbar component collectively helps managing toolbars in an application. The toolbars can be docked to the top or bottom edges or kept floating within application area. The contents within a toolbar use a flow based layout approach.

Informally supported by Adobe engineering. See the Flex Team blog post:


License: Adobe EULA
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Flash Player 9
File format: ZIP | 1.4 MB

Additional extension information

Author: FlexExchangeAdmin
Author website:
Date published: January 20, 2007
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Flex 2.0.1


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dougb62b 25-Apr-11 Rating = 1

Lets me download but will not run and does not have the option to run in downloaded folder. adode site is horrible I have tried to download more than one program from this site and it never works. 24-Jan-09 Rating = 4

good to do

eagleprof 18-Aug-08 Rating = 5

Excellent component. I had the same problem as levancho. Easily fixed as mentioned. You can also leave these out and still use the example css, you just have to delete the removedEffect style for the TitleWindow component.

levancho 06-Aug-08 Rating = 5

apparently issue was due to missing
<mx:Move duration="250" id="DockerMove"/>
<mx:Fade duration="250" id="DockerFade"/>

levancho 06-Aug-08 Rating = 3

when I dock item back in flex 3 it leaves panel tittle bar on the screen

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