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By davedanson July 31, 2007

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It often happens that we need to make a form where the clients would have to select an option from a list or a combobox, where these lists are associated. For example, when we make a registration form, or sale of a product, and wish to know what state of what country does our client belong to, or to which city in some state, if the sales are not international. A situation less common but equally important is when we want to know what brand and model of car our client wants to purchase or transport - same thing happens with many products sold online. In all these cases we make our clients go through enormous lists before they can locate the option that matches their situation. Equally, when we use the same data in several forms, it becomes very tedious when we need to update or introduce new data to these listings, since we must modify every form where these data are used. Relational List offers an efficient solution to both these problems. Using Relational List, we insert in our form two lists, a main list and a subordinate list. The options that are shown in the subordinate list will depend on the option selected in the main list, or options, in cases when the main list allows a multiple choice. This feature of the Relational List avoids that users of our form have to go through a great amount of options to select the correct one for their situation. (In the previous examples, if we select "United States" in our list, the subordinate list will only show the states that form part of the US.) Relational List is based on XML files. One XML file defines the options that the main list will present, and another XML file defines the combination of options that the subordinate list might have.


UI Access:
Relational List extension can be accessed, after restarting Dreamweaver, through the menu option Insert > Form > Relational List / Menu, or via InsertBar > Form > Insert Relational List / Menu"


License: Commercial
Cost: $29.99
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 53.5 KB

Additional extension information

Author: davedanson
Author website:
Date published: July 31, 2007
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Internet Explorer 6,5.5 | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape 7,6.2 | Opera 6,5
Required product(s): Dreamweaver MX
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS3, 8, MX 2004, 6.1, MX, CS4
Server environment: Other


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hhatch 11-May-12 Rating = 5

Works fine for two dependant fields like ex: state -> city but I
needed it for a three level selection: state -> city -> clinic. After
posting a support ticket I got a prompt offer to upgrade it to a more
advanced version that works with an unlimited number of fields, a fair deal.

cortney76 07-Jul-09 Rating = 5

I'm not sure what your expectation is with a technical support service, but for me from 3 to 6 hours to get the answer of a complicated question is pretty good, even more when sometimes these answers came directly from the developers and this is what I've experienced with the hotdreamweaver support team. I really like this product and even more that these guys give me a good support when I needed to make some customizations to it for my web application.

Maggie Williams 27-Apr-08 Rating = 1

Their response time when you have issues with all of their products, hotdreamwever, is painfully slow.

Maggie Williams 27-Apr-08 Rating = 3

Great relational list, but no guidance or built-in function to take a web user someplace after they choose an option on this relational list. I can't think of any useful reason to have a relational list that doesn't take you somewhere after you have made your choice.

again again 04-Jan-08 Rating = 1


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